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    Give up Sugar for 10 days; feel the difference

    When you give up sugar (not just glucose, but also alcohol, bought fruit juices, refined foods, fizzy drinks, alcohol, cake, biscuits, breads and pasta) for just 10-14 days, your body and your health will improve significantly. You’ll notice health improvements almost immediately.  You will stop insulin resistance; Around 70 per cent of Western adults have some degree of insulin resistance.…

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  • Rainbow Diet

    What can I eat on the real Rainbow Diet?

    The real Rainbow diet, or colourful Mediterranean diet, is a natural, whole food diet that is supported by thousands of years of health and longevity. It’s core is olive oil; nuts and seeds, red wine and unpasteurized cheese; and sunshine, exercise, sleep and enjoyment with friends and family; it’s a Lifestyle not an eating regime. The real Rainbow Diet is not about…

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