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    Food compass rankings miss how good foods help health

    Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Joe Biden’s new Public Health nutrition advisor and a Tufts University ‘Health Professor’, has been part of a team that claims that processed, high sugar foods such as Lucky Charms, Sweet Potato Fries, chocolate almonds and Honey Nut Cheerios are healthier than lean, skinless chicken, a poached egg or whole grain foods. To quote: “The Tufts Food…

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    Junk food raises levels of depression and anxiety

    Consuming significant amounts of highly processed, high sugar foods, low fibre, refined oils, reconstituted meat products and empty calorie beverages impacts mental health, increasing the risk of both anxiety and depression. We all understand that we have been through an era of Junk food and fizzy soft drinks that made us ill. (Oh, that this were true! One study showed…

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    Berberine can cut blood sugar and reduce blood pressure

    Berberine can cut blood sugar and reduce blood pressure The herbal component berberine, known to reduce blood sugar is shown in this research to reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation reducing cardiovascular risk. People with Type-2 Diabetes have two significant risk factors – high blood sugar, and high blood pressure – which together increase their risk of vascular issues…

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    High-quality Rainbow diet reduces Covid risk

    People consuming the highest quality plant-based diet were around 10% less likely to develop COVID-19 than those with a poor diet, and 40% less likely to become severely ill and needing a hospital. Researchers from King’s College, London, Harvard Medical School, Harvard TH Chan, Lund University, Sweden and the Broad Institute amongst others co-ordinated a study on almost 600,000 people…

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    Increased cancer survival due to diet and physical activity

    Increased cancer survival can be achieved through diet and exercise according to a major study from the American Cancer Society. Since many people with cancer now address these two complementary therapies, this research also shows claims by charities such as Cancer Research UK that increases in cancer survival are ‘because of new and better drugs’ to be at best exaggerated…

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