• Rainbow Diet

    6 spices with strong health benefits

    Spices are widely used throughout the Mediterranean in cooking, reflecting a strong multi-cultural, and particularly an historical Arab influence. While the primary reason is to add taste and flavour many imbue colour to the Mediterranean Diet (or Rainbow Diet as we like to call it), and all have significant health benefits. Spices have been used to treat and cure a wide…

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  • Health issues

    Rainbow diet links to improved bone structure as you age

    Olive oil preserves bone density because it increases essential bone hormone osteocalin concentrations and maintains blood calcium levels; it also maintains insulin levels in people with diabetes.  Osteporosis is a fear for many ageing men and women. But research in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM) has now shown that going on a two year colourful Mediterranean Diet…

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