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    Fibromyalgia | Chris Woollams Health Watch

    Fibromyalgia resembles an extreme form of arthritis with fatigue and chronic bone and muscle pain likely; the causes are becoming clearer with an increase in certain gut bacteria and a decrease in others caused by lifestyle issues such as stress, trauma, diet, and even illness  and toxic chemicals.

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    Cerebral Palsy and Child Epilepsy linked to significantly altered microbiome

    Cerebral palsy and epilepsy in children  are two interactive neurological diseases.  According to the American Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a staggering 1 in 345 children now have Cerebral Palsy. This represents a quite alarming growth rate over the past 20 years. In that time, antibiotic and vaccine use has increased markedly in the USA. Unfortunately, the clinical…

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    Junk food raises levels of depression and anxiety

    Consuming significant amounts of highly processed, high sugar foods, low fibre, refined oils, reconstituted meat products and empty calorie beverages impacts mental health, increasing the risk of both anxiety and depression. We all understand that we have been through an era of Junk food and fizzy soft drinks that made us ill. (Oh, that this were true! One study showed…

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    The High Fibre Rainbow Diet

    The high fibre Mediterranean diet contains good levels of both soluble and insoluble fibres, providing health benefits in diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, dementia; and in carbohydrate and cholesterol management; all thanks to your gut bacteria. When people hear that a diet is high in fibre, they simply assume that means it keeps you regular. Many people…

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    Mediterranean diet promotes healthier ageing

    A Mediterranean Diet alters the gut microbiome significantly and promotes healthier ageing, longevity, lowered inflammation, better bone strength, better cognitive function and memory. A Rainbow diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, fish, whole grains and good fats can restore and regenerate the balance of the microbiome to promote good health. This five country European study (1) was led…

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