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    The Mediterranean diet and heathier ageing in women

    Greater adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in mid-life results in a 46% increase in healthier ageing amongst women in terms of reaching 70 years of age and being free of chronic illness. Analysing the dietary data of 10,670 women in the Boston Nurses Study, using dietary data from both 1984 and 1986, those women who adhered most closely to the…

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  • Rainbow DietThe Rainbow Diet, Mediterranean Diet, MD, Cognitive function, Health, Healthy, Good food, men, The Health Professionals

    Mediterranean Diet and greater cognitive function

    Long-term adherence to a Mediterranean diet is linked to a significantly improved cognitive function in men from The Health Professionals’ Follow-up study. The Study, involved 51,529 men, 40–75 years of age when enrolled in 1986, of whom 27,842 were included in the primary analysis. The use of a Mediterranean diet (MD) was taken from a mean of five food frequency…

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