• Rainbow Diet

    A Mediterranean Diet- the best way to fight cancer

    When it comes to cancer, research shows the colourful Mediterranean diet and lifestyle protects and corrects; it is nourishing and full pf bioactive compounds but it is also a lifestyle that includes sunshine and exercise.  The Mediterranean Diet and Cancer i) Bioactive compounds – A number of compounds have strong anti-cancer effects. For example, Apigenin, polyphenols and anthocyanin. There’s even…

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    Living younger, longer in Sardinia

    Nowhere is the colourful Mediterranean diet better exemplified than in the island of Sardinia where goats or sheep graze in the family olive groves and fish are eaten with tomatoes, whole grain pasta and a little wine. Sardinia has mountains to almost 4,000 metres and lies surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, its northerly tip below Rome and its southerly tip…

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