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    Why ‘forest bathing’ even on the darkest day, is great for your health

    Forest bathing, or Shirin-yoku, lowers cortisol, boosts the immune system and lowers heart rate because it is calming and trees and plants produce phytoncides. Ever had the urge to take a relaxing walk in the woods or spend a day or two in the forest? Actually you could be helping your health enormously. Infra Red Sunlight benefits you even on…

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    Food compass rankings miss how good foods help health

    Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Joe Biden’s new Public Health nutrition advisor and a Tufts University ‘Health Professor’, has been part of a team that claims that processed, high sugar foods such as Lucky Charms, Sweet Potato Fries, chocolate almonds and Honey Nut Cheerios are healthier than lean, skinless chicken, a poached egg or whole grain foods. To quote: “The Tufts Food…

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  • Rainbow DietMediterranean Diet, Rainbow Diet, The Rainbow Diet, Covid, risk, COVID-19, Research, King’s College, London, Harvard Medical School, Harvard TH Chan, Lund University, Sweden, high fibre, health, metabolic syndrome,

    High-quality Rainbow diet reduces Covid risk

    People consuming the highest quality plant-based diet were around 10% less likely to develop COVID-19 than those with a poor diet, and 40% less likely to become severely ill and needing a hospital. Researchers from King’s College, London, Harvard Medical School, Harvard TH Chan, Lund University, Sweden and the Broad Institute amongst others co-ordinated a study on almost 600,000 people…

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  • Rainbow DietHealth, benefits, walnut, Mediterranean diet, cholesterol, blood pressure, DNA, cancer, nuts, fibre

    Major health benefits of walnut consumption

    Walnuts are an important part of the Mediterranean diet and have been shown to improve heart health, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and blood pressure, improve mental function and even alter the DNA in cancer patients. Not all nuts were created equal. Walnuts are bundles of health. Consuming just 7 walnuts provides 2 gm of fibre and 4 gm of protein along…

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  • Rainbow DietThe Rainbow Diet, Mediterranean Diet, MD, Health, Healthy, Good food, women, chronic illness, Boston Nurses, Study, cognitive, physical function, mental health

    The Mediterranean diet and heathier ageing in women

    Greater adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in mid-life results in a 46% increase in healthier ageing amongst women in terms of reaching 70 years of age and being free of chronic illness. Analysing the dietary data of 10,670 women in the Boston Nurses Study, using dietary data from both 1984 and 1986, those women who adhered most closely to the…

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  • Rainbow DietThe Rainbow Diet, Mediterranean Diet, MD, Cognitive function, Health, Healthy, Good food, men, The Health Professionals

    Mediterranean Diet and greater cognitive function

    Long-term adherence to a Mediterranean diet is linked to a significantly improved cognitive function in men from The Health Professionals’ Follow-up study. The Study, involved 51,529 men, 40–75 years of age when enrolled in 1986, of whom 27,842 were included in the primary analysis. The use of a Mediterranean diet (MD) was taken from a mean of five food frequency…

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