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    Why ‘forest bathing’ even on the darkest day, is great for your health

    Forest bathing, or Shirin-yoku, lowers cortisol, boosts the immune system and lowers heart rate because it is calming and trees and plants produce phytoncides. Ever had the urge to take a relaxing walk in the woods or spend a day or two in the forest? Actually you could be helping your health enormously. Infra Red Sunlight benefits you even on…

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  • Rainbow Diet

    The Mediterranean Diet and spices

    Spices are widely used throughout the Mediterranean, reflecting a strong multi-cultural influence. Spices are not just a taste additive – they have been used to treat and cure a wide variety of ailments for thousands of years. For example Saffron, which per gram is more expensive than gold, has strong liver-protective and anti-cancer properties. Three Mediterranean Spices for your kitchen…

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