• Metformin and increased cancer survival; a Review

    Metformin may reduce both the risk and increase survival times of certain cancers; it appears to have multiple actions against cancer. However its actions are not consistent across all cancers and there are even some concerns; an updated Review of research. What is Metformin? Metformin, or Glucophage, is an anti-hyperglycemic drug, which lowers blood glucose levels because it reduces glucose production in the liver and also improves uptake…

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  • Fasting, calorie restriction and cancer

    FASTING and CALORIE RESTRICTION can slow, and even stop, cancer progression, tumour growth and metastases, kill cancer cells and significantly improve chemotherapy and lessen radiotherapy damage; fasting has also been shown to boost the immune system, de-fat both the liver and pancreas, and significantly reduce chemotherapy side-effects. It has long been established that fasting can improve longevity through the generation of Sirtuin 1. In Intermittent fasting…

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  • An enhanced ’off-label’ drug anti-cancer protocol?

    Some people want to create an off-label or repurposed drug protocol; others understand that you may need conventional therapies, and natural compounds as well; here CANCERactive creates an easy to understand integrative anti-cancer protocol with the potential to fight a cancer and its stem cells. It’s a place to start. The CANCERactive Protocol I am regularly asked questions such as:…

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  • A metabolic therapy for cancer – correcting p53 deficiency?

    P53, or protein 53, is deficient in many cancers; it could well be the most crucial issue of almost all cancers because it regulates some 500 gene pathways. The problem has been testing for the deficiency. This article reviews how you might correct p53 deficiency.  A lack of testing for deficient p53 In prostate cancer it was thought to be…

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  • Can Dandelion root (DRE) fight cancer?

    Dandelion root extract can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, restrict metastasis and cause cancer cell death; it also significantly boost the immune system, according to both in vitro and in vivo studies; DRE has very limited side-effects.  Dandelion leaves and Dandelion root are both important compounds in Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM). They are known to help in digestive problems, inflammation, liver function, and kidney disease. They have also used…

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  • Off-label drugs shown to increase colorectal cancer survival

    After reviewing survival outcomes of almost 14,000 patients with colorectal cancer, those who were taking blood pressure drugs, ACE inhibitors, beta blockers and thiazide diuretics all had increased survival and lowered mortality. Colorectal cancer is booming! This year there will be more than 100,000 new cases of colon cancer and almost 50,000 cases of rectal cancer in the USA. It…

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  • Making more time for PPs

    Making more time for PPs

    Over the past 20 months, CANCERactive patients have told you on video about how Personal Programmes have helped them beat cancer.  And we’ve brought you other Interviews on vitamin D, alternative therapies, oestrogen, all just to help you live a longer, healthier life. For example, we made (or are hoping to make) Sunday Show Interviews with: Joy Parsons – TNBC, Lowell Kile – Colorectal Cancer, Mark Giddings – Prostate…

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  • IP-6 can starve brain tumours

    IP-6 can starve brain tumours

    IP-6, inositol hexaphosphate, a natural compound from fibre has been shown to both restrict iron in brain cancer cells and reactivate essential cancer-blocking messages, in effect starving the cancer and promoting its suppression. Research scientists led by Professor Silvia Marino from the Brain Tumour Research Centre at Queen Mary University of London have shown they can starve brain cancer of…

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  • Cancer drivers are NOT found in DNA

    Cancer drivers are NOT found in DNA

    Two new studies have revealed that not only are there no newly developed ‘mutations’ in DNA causing cancer formation; but also where there is an inherited mutation, it does not reduce cancer survival times; if anything people with an inherited mutation survive longer! First, researchers from Sloan Kettering have found that cancer does not derive from new mutations in your DNA – there is not…

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  • Coconut oil vs Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

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