Making more time for PPs

Over the past 20 months, CANCERactive patients have told you on video about how Personal Programmes have helped them beat cancer.  And we’ve brought you other Interviews on vitamin D, alternative therapies, oestrogen, all just to help you live a longer, healthier life.

For example, we made (or are hoping to make) Sunday Show Interviews with:

Joy Parsons – TNBC,

Lowell Kile – Colorectal Cancer,

Mark Giddings – Prostate Cancer,

Geoff Boycott – Tongue Cancer,

Galina Dean – Ovarian Cancer,

Derek King – Bladder Cancer,

Margarita Barnett – Lung Cancer,

Tabs Headington – Sarcoma,

Zoe Wootton – ER+ve Breast Cancer

Chris Foley – Lung Cancer.

Most of these people were told they had just months to live before they had a PP with me. All went on to beat that prognosis and told me just how much they positively benefited from my programme. The videos are in the CANCERactive Community.

As a result of all this – and that I’ve been writing books, articles, e-newses and I am building Rainbow Valley Organics with Min (my wife pictured above), I’ve been a little busy. Sorry.

So, I cancelled a trip planned for 2 weeks time (Covid and a lack of vaccines played a part) and I have freed myself up to clear the glut of Personal Programmes we have experienced. People want my personal attention and that’s what they are going to get.

We will do more Personal Prescriptions. Why? Because they work, and people benefit, and that makes me happy and I really enjoy helping people.

Here’s to us beating cancer, together.


Chris and Min



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