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Here you can buy the original Rainbow Diet Book, constantly updated, it looks at the original 2005 theory, the research since then on this Lifestyle diet and the chronic illnesses it can positively affect, and how good oils, whole grains, nuts and seeds and polyphenols in fruit, herbs and vegetables combine to put you in the best of health.

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The theory on diet that research turned into fact – for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, dementia, Alzheimer’s and even a longer life!

Back in 2004, Chris Woollams was asked about the ideal diet to fight cancer. So he started researching the subject.

He’d always been interested in the Mediterranean Diet – he has a house on the coast there. But what also fascinated him was the French Paradox – namely, that the French eat more fat and drink more alcohol than any other nation but have less cancer and heart disease. He even found a research study done inside France where the people near Toulouse drank even more alcohol, and ate even more fat than the rest of the country – yet had even less cancer and heart disease!!

He also noted that the population of Sardinia had more 80, 90 and 100-year olds than anywhere else in Europe, and curiously, the men lived as long as the women.  

So he developed a theory, based on two parts. Firstly, that fat wasn’t the big culprit – it was the type of fat that mattered; and secondly that the plethora of colourful fruits and vegetables eaten by the local population contained pigments which were bioactive – and these compounds had the ability to both prevent and correct even chronic illnessYesCORRECT.

Since that time and his theory, the research has come in thick and fast. Harvard and others have shown benefits in terms of reducing risk of chronic illness and increasing longevity, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD!

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The Rainbow Diet Book to prevent and fight cancer
The Rainbow Diet Book to prevent and fight cancer
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