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Chris Woollams, author of the original Rainbow Diet, teamed up with Barbara Cox, the former Nutrichef – provider of healthy meals to homes around  the UK – to produce a recipe book that is true to the diet and lifestyle principles of the colourful Mediterranean diet – the Rainbow Diet. Rainbow Recipes is now in it’s second edition.

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It had to happen. So many of you asked for us to write it.

The book, the Rainbow Diet, has been so successful since its launch in 2006 – it has consistently provided the science behind this diet of inclusion not exclusion. A diet that adds foods, each known to contain bioactive compounds – foods that ‘protect and correct’. Author and biochemist, Chris Woollams, has teamed up this time with Barbara Cox, famous for founding UK based Nutrichef. Barbara is a Chef who knows her science.

Now, in one book, you have over 130 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; juices and snacks too. Just what everyone needs. Launched November 2015 and now in its second edition..

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Rainbow Diet - Rainbow Recipes
Rainbow Diet - Rainbow Recipes
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