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Rainbow Diet voted Healthiest Diet

For the second year in a row, the colourful Mediterranean Diet was voted the best diet overall for health out of a total of 41 diets by a panel of experts for US News; it was also voted the best plant-based diet (1).

The expert panel included professors from most top Medical Centres such as the Yale University Prevention Research Center, Johns Hopkins, Chicago Medical Centre, Weill Cornell, Tufts and Utah, Their interests were wide, from weight management to heart disease, diabetes and nutrition.

Rival popular diets included the Paleo Diet, the plant-based diet, the Keto Diet, DASH diet and many more. The key criteria used were,

  • Is it easy to follow
  • Is it nutritious
  • Is it safe
  • Is it effective for weight loss
  • Does it protect against diabetes
  • Does it protect against heart disease

It was noted that the Rainbow diet also had benefits against cancer and depression.

The Mediterranean Diet was also voted top for best plant-based diet. The panel noted that the diet was rich in fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruit but lowered sugar, saturated fat and red meat consumption. It even allowed for the odd glass of wine.

Lifestyle factors were not included in the judgement yet are also an important part of the Rainbow Diet.

Go to: Adherence to the Rainbow Diet helps prevent cardiovascular disease, Type-2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.



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