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Rainbow Diet cuts depression by 30 per cent

Three studies on the Mediterranean Diet show its powerful health benefits in reducing depression, particularly through B vitamin foods such as walnuts and almonds.
In a preliminary study (1) involving 4211 men and 5459 women, researchers from the University of Las Palmas, in Spain found that folate levels were inversely proportional to levels of depression in men, especially smokers, and B-12 levels were inversely proportional to depression in females, especially in smokers and physically active women. No similar effect was found for omega3 fish oil. The researchers concluded that founds such as grains, nuts and seeds were of importance in fighting depression.
In a second study, this time of 10,094 men, the researchers concluded that eating a Mediterranean diet (with high B vitamins and fish oil omega 3 levels) can cut your risk of depression by 30 per cent. In fact in a third study the same team showed how different beneficial aspects of the Mediterranean diet increased levels of a protein BDNF known to be important in brain function. Lowered BDNF levels are associated with brain atrophy, impaired memory and mood disorders such as depression.
And depression is known to heighten inflammation in the body and is linked to a number of chronic illnesses. Chris Woollams added, “Subsequent studies have shown that depression is not an issue of the brain but one where the gut microbiome has altered substantially. And the Rainbow Diet has been shown capable of correcting a poor microbiome.”
The Spanish researchers suggested there were 9 areas of benefit to your health in the colourful Mediterranean Diet – the Rainbow Diet. They felt that each was important but that all areas had synergistic effects with the other areas:
* The frequency of consuming mono-unsaturated fatty acids;
* Moderate intake of alcohol,
* Low intake of dairy products;
* Low intake of meat;
* High intake of fruit and nuts;
* High intake of whole grains
* High intake of vegetables
* High intake of fish (and fish oils)
* High intake of olive oils and nut oils
Patients with depression were randomly assigned to one of three groups. A low fat diet group; a Mediterranean Diet plus extra olive oil, and a Mediterranean diet with extra walnuts and almonds. This third group with its increased B vitamin foods showed the strongest effects on depression.
The Rainbow diet is also known to keep the arteries clear and the heart healthy, it helps fight inflammation, it promotes repair and has a number of potent cancer killers in it. It has also been used to reduce asthma and fight Alzheimer´s.

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