Rainbow Diet

Mediterranean Diet best for reducing and treating Type-2 diabetes

The Rainbow Diet, or colourful Mediterranean Diet has numerous research studies showing it is the best diet for both preventing and treating type-2 diabetes.

Mediterranean Diet reduces type-2 diabetes risk

In a 2009 meta-analysis(1) researchers concluded that in the two largest studies (one on healthy people, the other on early diagnosed patients), there was an 83% and 35%, reduced risk respectively of type-2 diabetes in those people with the highest adherence to a Mediterranean diet.

In a second study (2), researchers clearly found that the colourful Mediterranean Diet was better that the standard low fat diet recommended for prevention of, and treatment of, Type-2 diabetes.

The research was conducted as a part of a large scale cardiovascular project – PREDIMED – amongst people with a high cardiovascular risk, and was a three arm randomized trial involving almost 500 people.

One group was given the standard doctor prescribed low fat diet, while one group used a Rainbow Diet with added olive oil, and the third used a Rainbow Diet with an added daily helping of nuts.

None of the participants had diabetes and all were between 55 and 80 years of age. The volume of olive oil was 1 litre per week. The nut amounts were 30 gm a day. Otherwise no control was placed on diet and no advice was given on exercise.

After a 4-year period, the incidence of diabetes was 10.0% for the added olive oil group, 11.1% for the added nut group but 17.9% for the control group. When the two groups on the Mediterranean diet were added together the risk of developing full diabetes was reduced by 52% when compared to the medically advised low fat diet.

Mediterranean Diet best diet for managing type-2 diabetes

In a 20 study meta-review of different diets with type-2 diabetes (3), researchers concluded that the best diet for glycaemic control once someone had diabetes was the colourful Mediterranean diet. Low carbohydrate and the Mediterranean Diet led to the greatest weight loss of the diets reviewed and the Mediterranean diet had the greatest benefit on cardiovascular health.

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