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A Mediterranean Diet- the best way to fight cancer

When it comes to cancer, research shows the colourful Mediterranean diet and lifestyle protects and corrects; it is nourishing and full pf bioactive compounds but it is also a lifestyle that includes sunshine and exercise. 

The Mediterranean Diet and Cancer

i) Bioactive compounds – A number of compounds have strong anti-cancer effects. For example, Apigenin, polyphenols and anthocyanin. There’s even research which concludes they are ‘dose-dependent’ – the more you consume, the healthier you become. Then there’s research on fish oils preventing colorectal cancer recurrence through polyps. Even nuts and seed consumption has been shown in research to increase survival in colorectal cancer patients.

ii) Vitamin D – The sunshine vitamin arms your immune system – whether against cancer or Covid, it has been clearly shown vitamin D levels should be 35-40 ng/ml (the NHS recommended level). Unfortunately, 80% of people in the Western World are below 20 ng/ml. People with low vitamin D levels develop more cancer. Sunshine and supplementation increase survival.

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iii) Exercise – exercise doesn’t just increase your haemoglobin and blood oxygen levels; it acts like a drug through hormones such as endorphins and can neutralise damaging inflammatory stress hormones like cortisol. Regular movement is more important than extreme bursts. The American Cancer Society has conducted a seven-year study showing that a healthy diet plus exercise reduces death by 42% in people with Stage 3 Grade 3 cancer.

iv) High in fibre – soluble and insoluble. This is proven to reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood glucose – reducing cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes risk. The Rainbow Diet has even been shown to best the best diet once people have had those three chronic illnesses.

v) Low blood sugar a common benefit of the Rainbow Diet, low blood sugar is linked to lower cancer rates and greater survival.

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vi) Soluble Fibre – People with the highest consumption of soluble fibre have the best immune systems – it increases levels of commensal gut bacteria.

vii) Good oils and fats – saturated fat spreads cancer. Research shows olive oil and fish oils actually increase levels of commensal gut bacteria in the body and, in particular, those that make anti-inflammatory molecules, reducing risk of chronic illness.

viii) Red wine – this contains a helpful friendly bacterium Lactobacillus fermentum and a polyphenol Resveratrol, known to stimulate the production of sirtuin 1, which is linked to lower blood fats, lowered fasting glucose and insulin levels and to a longer life.

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ix) Sleep – sleeping in a darkened room without EMF interference increases melatonin levels and melatonin is a hormone that is the biggest antioxidant we produce and is wonderfully anti-inflammatory. It also has five different actions against cancer cells. Sloan Kettering research shows melatonin increase survival by 40%.

x) Time Restricted fasting – although they have probably never heard of the term, the population in the mountains of Sardinia – who have the highest number of people in their 80s, 90s, and hundreds of anywhere in Europe – actually take their last meal of the day around 5.30 in the evening, and don’t eat again until after their chores in the morning; at around 10 am.

Research confirms the Mediterranean Diet should be used to fight cancer

The colourful Mediterranean Diet, or Rainbow Diet, is the epitome of a cancer prevention diet, but it seems it can also correct cancer.

Protection – For example, in 2017, research showed that women who adhered most closely to the colourful Mediterranean diet were 40 per cent less likely to develop breast cancer.

Previous studies have linked the Mediterranean Diet with less prostate and colorectal cancer.

Studies have shown how important healthy fats are. Eating even more olive oil and even more walnuts actually protected people from cancer even more than simply sticking to a Mediterranean Diet!

Correction – For example, Ohio State Research showed the Mediterranean Diet contained high levels of Apigenin, which makes cancer cells mortal.


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