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European study says antioxidants do prevent cancer

Antioxidants do prevent cancer
An 11 year study, the results of which were published in the European Journal of Nutrition, showed that people taking antioxidant supplements had a 48 percent reduction in the risk of cancer mortality.
In addition, the risk of dying from all causes (all-cause mortality) was 42 percent lower among antioxidant supplement users.
Interestingly, taking only a basic multivitamin and mineral supplement – the sort repeatedly dumbed down by Health Authorities in Europe – offered no protection against cancer or all-cause mortality.
(Ed: As we keep telling you, we are extremely concerned that common, inexpensive vitamin supplements are totally inferior to bioactive Natural Compounds. Some common vitamins like E and beta-carotene are not just synthetic copies of the real thing, the do not posses all the forms of the vitamin found in nature and are deficient. However, the main point of this research was excellent news. Antioxidants do deliver, and this purpose-built independent study showed it.)
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