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Eat your greens, your gut bacteria like them

In fact, your commensal bacteria (the good guys) feed off a sugar called sulfoquinovose produced during normal photosynthesis.
Certain ‘unharmful’ strains of E Coli in the gut break down this sugar and allow the commensal bacteria to digest sulphur (sulfur) and carbon helping them to be healthy and grow, quickly outnumbering and overwhelming any pathogens present in the gut. Dr. Ethan Goddard-Borger, the lead author of a team from the UK and Australia, said that sulfoquinovose was crucial in building large volumes of good bacteria and preventing the development of pathogens (Nature Chemical Biology)
Goddard-Berger of the Walter and Elisa Hall Institute of Medical research, Parkville, Victoria, SA said that every time we eat fresh greens we build the volume of commensal bacteria significantly. Scientists have always been puzzled by how the body recycles sulphur – now they know that an enzyme YhQ in these E coli strains is doing it for us.

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