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Live healthy, longer, with the Colourful Mediterranean diet

For the sixth consecutive year the Rainbow Diet has been voted the healthiest diet in the world, and also the healthiest plant-based diet, by professors, dieticians, nutritionists and health experts brought together by US Today.

The authentic Rainbow Diet encompasses

  • Whole nutrient-dense foods such as pulses (legumes) and whole grains, 
  • Locally grown and in-season vegetables and fruits,
  • Nuts (walnuts, almonds) and seeds (pumpkin)
  • Fish and seafood, rather than red meat
  • No added sugar or salt 
  • Natural spices and herbs
  • Fresh honey including honey comb
  • No refined, processed or packaged foods
  • It may well include organic eggs, a little goat’s and sheep’s unpasteurised cheeses.
  • Unpasteurised vinegars containing the mother, often handed down through generations.
  • Unsaturated fats like extra-virgin olive oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, fish oil, green and black olives
  • Red wine in moderation

You can read more on the Page “What can I eat on the real Rainbow Diet”.

However, the Mediterranean Diet is much more than food – it is a LIFESTYLE – exercise, a sense of community, outdoor living, better sleep (using shutters), sunshine, fresh air – all add to the diet.

What the Mediterranean diet is not…

It is not refined pasta with tomato sauce

It is not throwing handsful of colourful vegetables or fruits into a blender to make a Rainbow smoothie. 

It is not plates of charcuterie, hams, salami and pate.

It is not a Salad Nicoise with potatoes and lettuce; not a greek salad with chicken, potato and lettuce – neither has these ingredients in the authentic salad.

This is just a bastardisation of the important principles of what makes Mediterranean living healthy.

The proof of the Rainbow Diet claims

The Rainbow Diet is now just because ‘experts’ voted for it. We now have over 100 research studies. And it has been ‘road-tested’. Sardinia is the number one Blue Zone in the World where more people live into their 80s, 90s and over 100 than anywhere else in the world. 

As a small example of its benefits, the natural Mediterranean Diet contains over 500 polyphenols to protect and correct your health. 

Go to: Top 500 polyphenols for health – to protect and correct

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